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Due to popular demand, GurSikh Speed Meeting is back and this time will be held in New York City.

Good relationships are built on understanding, communication and trust.

We all know that only happens face-to- face. GurSikh Speed Meetings provide a way for individuals to meet with other GurSikhs one-on- one to see if there is that CLICK!

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the previous GSSM events were extremely successful. We have received hundreds of emails from individuals from various age groups and different countries showing interest and support! The energy, feedback, patronage, optimism, etc. that was shown prior to, following and at the events has been consistent and incredible! Events have occurred internationally and participants have attended from all over the world.

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Event Details

Purpose and Concept

The main purpose of the present seva is to formalize a meeting process for Gursikh individuals.

Embracing modern concepts and utilizing technology, the concept of GurSikh Speed Meeting involves:

  1. An equal number of Singhs and Kaurs to register

  2. Each Kaur will spend a number of minutes chatting to a Singh

  3. The Singhs will rotate after the specified number of minutes and chat with the next Kaur

  4. All Singhs and Kaurs within their group will have a chance to chat

  5. Each individual will decide if they CLICK with who they chatted with

If there is an agreed CLICK, GurSikhSpeedMeeting will facilitate an exchange of details.

Do not miss this chance! There are a limited number of seats and based on the previous events, they do go quick, first come-first served, so reserve your seat today!

For our upcoming event, we would like to focus on GurSikhs between the ages of:
25 and 32 years, and
33 and above.

If you have any questions, please contact GurSikhSpeedMeeting@gmail.com

Thank you and Guru Fateh!


A Brief Timeline of Gursikh Speed Meeting

July 2018 - PA

December 2017 - NYC

July 2016 - DC

November 2011 - LA

September 2010 - NYC

June 2009 - NYC

February 2009 - NYC

September 2008 - Boston

April 2008 - NYC

February 2007 - NYC

September 2006 - Toronto

July 2006 - NYC

April 2006 - NYC

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  • I loved it! I think the time allotted for each person was perfect. Nice venue. Good food. This was truly a lovely event - very well-organised and quite nice.

  • Awesome event. Excellent effort. Thank you so much for conceiving this idea and then actually implementing it. Keep up the good work.

  • It was a great experience, excellent event and wonderful opportunity to meet so many Gursikhs face to face at one place. I really enjoyed it and was glad to be a part of the event. I will definitely attend future events. Please keep organising these meetings. Thank you!

  • Excellent event. It exceeded my expectations. I am glad that I came out. Thank you for your seva.

  • Good work, guys! Keep doing what you are doing!

  • It was a great experience!!! Very well organised. Never thought these many girls were looking for Gursikh boys.

  • Good job overall. Venue was good. Food was delicious. Nice work.

  • Great opportunity, so glad to meet fellow Gursikhs. Hope we can do it again.


GurSikh Speed Meeting, July 14th 2018, in Pennsylvania. To register, please fill in the details on the form below and click on "Register". You will receive an email confirmation at the email address you provide.

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